“Celebrate More.”

Visually fun.The car drives on from the left, making a slight turn to pull into perspective over the static ad unit. (Same car and perspective that is being used in other media.) the driver side door opens, the silhouettes appear and animate a dance/celebration then they animate off – disappearing by getting back into the car, moving off stage or even behind static unit. Car then rumbles/slight action animation then drives off. leaving behind on the static unit the new Logo Lockup with “Simply more.” tag.

CTA’s lived on final static ad.

“Script – Simply more.”

A concept is centered around a script reveal.the car will animate on from the left and as it moves over the ghosted back “Simply” script, doing donuts and roundabouts, it reveals the word “Simply” in black. Once the “Simply” is revealed entirely the car drives around pulling into perspective and drives on to the red carpet. as the car is pulling up onto the red carpet “Simply” animates down and over in to ad-ready position.


this concept is about explaining “more”. The static 300X250 unit space starts off lled in with square boxes. they quickly and randomly begin to populate to the left. As they populate there traspareny values change.While in a solid black state the word more animates on and then in the remaining space of the square appears one of the key car attributes. EX: Bi-Halogen, engine, etc. Communicating more of design, more of safety, more of …. The squares then begin to resolve the static banner ad where we have a reveal of the car on the “Simply more.” carpet.