“Get Ready”  

FIAT Music Video for the 2012 Fiat 500 Launch

As the Fiat 500 rolled off the assembly line and into US showrooms, Impatto’s upped the excitement with a kinetic branded music video that tells the story of Fiat owner and car preparing to meet each other. The 2:47 video “Get Ready” premiered at the New York International Auto Show, and represented the first release of a larger North American launch campaign for Fiat, it consisted of multiple spots directed by Mark Kudsi.

“Get Ready” launched the Fiat in North America after an absence of almost 30 years. Featuring Vivaldi’s Concerto in D Major recreated by MassiveMusic, “Get Ready” features slick documentary-style footage of an assembly line in the new Fiat plant in Toluca, Mexico. The footage, captured cranes, robotic arms and other factory machinery as beautiful precise objects whose movements create a mechanical ballet — combined four loose storylines of regular individuals getting ready in their homes.